Newsletter 64

Dear Reader(s)

There’s a latin tag ‘Ars longa vita brevis’ which means ‘art lasts a long time, life is short’. I mention it not to cheapen life, far from it, but as a reminder to myself that in uncertain and testing times let’s give thanks that we can enjoy art from centuries before us as well as of today. Let’s turn to art to keep us calm and uplifted and nourished.

Then yesterday there was an online message from the Tate: its galleries are closed until May 1 but we are urged to turn to art to lift our spirits, brighten our days and support our mental health. Quite so. My hope is that we can, when possible, make art, look at it, and read or hear about it.

We have had to cancel meetings of the committee and our events until further notice. My apologies for that but those are orders from the Government and its advisers. That means that the following events are not happening as scheduled: Sara Dudman’d talk (March 23) is postponed; our AGM & Anna’s talk (April 16) are postponed; and there is no painting day at Bradford on Tone (May 13).

I was hoping to give you information about our members’ biannual exhibition at The Brewhouse (18 July – 12 September) but the Brewhouse was closed yesterday and we do not know when they will re-open. This year’s theme is eARTh, and we very much hope that we can exhibit.

We shall use newsletters and email messages to keep in touch with you, to share ideas and suggestions, and to stimulate and support each other.

Thank you for accepting the way things are; and for your place in our community that cares for and values each other and the things we seek – long term- for the people of Somerset.

With best wishes,
Jeremy (Harvey)

18 March, 2020

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