Newsletter # 46 August 2016


Stella Murray Whatley


the late Jack Coulthard
the late Peter Coate RWA

Dear Reader(s)

A warm welcome to new members who have joined us.

In a troubled and unpredictable world I find looking at art, and reading about its making, often soothing, reassuring, and surprisingly energising. It can also be inspiring. All this helps me to feel more alive and is an antidote to the competitive or aggressive aspects of our politics or economics. Art can be disturbing too, and I accept that. The creativity and imagination of art-makers thrills me.

These thoughts follow the launch of our Summer Exhibition in the Brewhouse where 77 works, paintings, sculpture and drawings, by 21 artists are on display daily until 10 September: Monday to Saturday – entrance usually via the Box Office. (Don’t be put off by shut doors!) I shared some of the above musings at the very enjoyable and well attended PV – see the photos below, taken by Elizabeth Adams – and urged us all to scoop up our family, friends and young people we know to see this lovely show; and then to urge them to tell others to come and see it. A good attentive look at the wonderful variety of work is the very least our artists hope for. And sales, if possible.

We still have morning and afternoon stewarding slots to fill: this does not have to be left to the artists whose work is on show; and is a peaceful and rewarding occupation. We are usually offered a cup of tea or coffee. Please fill in the file in the gallery or contact Anna Mullett while I am away.

In our May Newsletter number 45 we were publicising our visit to the Stanley Spencer Gallery, Cookham. We went there on June 16 in a coach party and saw the current exhibition. Those who opted for the guided tour praised the talk they were given, and those who wanted to see the paintings and drawing in their own way were well satisfied. When not in the gallery, we had lunch and explored the village and church, the open spaces around them, and the Thames river path and views. Julia Cann was warmly thanked for her perseverance in recruiting and ability to harmonise us and the arrangements.

Before I mention two additions to our autumn programme members have been achieving recognition. Congratulations to Deborah Westmancoat on having two paintings accepted for the RA Summer exhibition and selling both, and on having a water colour accepted for the Sunday Times exhibition in September at the Mall galleries; and to Mike Tarr, on having similar success at the Mall galleries. Together with Sara Dudman these artists have work in our Brewhouse exhibition. And Sara was a judge for the Sunday Times exhibition and has a painting shortlisted for the National Open Art exhibition – see – and work selected for the New RWAs exhibition at the Atkinson Gallery, Millfield (opening September 27).

Now events please to go in your diaries – and for your company. This year’s Ken Grieb lecture is on Saturday 8 October at 11.0 in the Conference Centre, Somerset College, and it is on The Glasgow Boys and will be given by Julian Halsby. He is a popular and knowledgeable lecturer and artist, and you may have heard him talk to us on Bonnard (2014) or at Dillington or to a NADFAS group. We shall be joined that morning by Somerset Art Fund members. I suggest you book your tickets in good time.

Then Sara Dudman’s postponed drawing/painting workshop is on Thursday 24 November at 2.30 pm in CICCIC. We shall be painting skies, a subject she has been studying and painting. There will be room for about 20 people. Please let Anna know if you are attending.

Two mornings later on Saturday, 26 November at 11.0 in the Conference Centre, Somerset College I shall be talking on Georges Braque, one of the key pioneers of C20 art, a founder of Cubism, and highly regarded in France, but neglected or forgotten over here.

Further information will be sent out nearer the time about these three events which we hope by having them during the day will make it easier for you and your friends to attend, and that public transport will be available, where needed.

With best wishes,

Jeremy Harvey
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