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Meet the artist

‘I draw, what I love and that brings me joy. The people and animals who are part of my life , often those closest to me, always present and in mind.

I admire and find amazing how resilient people are, and find our ability to adapt endlessly interesting.

My career as an artist and psychologist come together around the fact that positive imagery is so much an aspect of creative problem solving. First for me, then for my children as they grew and drew the things that mattered to them .

So also as psychologist, my patients spoke of the images they saw of themselves, the way they imagined the best or worst that might happen , showing joy, depression and anxiety.

Relationships between people and between myself and the many animals I love and encounter are a great source of joy.

I make what I love . What I feel passionate about , without trying to intellectualise it too much.

I have written on the importance of imagery and published about this also.

Life has this habit of joining up … what goes around comes around. Like taking a line for a walk.’